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 Minutes 4/20

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PostSubject: Minutes 4/20   Wed Apr 21, 2010 3:21 pm

Hi everyone! Another long adventure with the minutes!
Today's meeting we just discussed about Chibi Con cause it is happening THIS SATURDAY!
(for those who are unaware )

But before Chibi Con details, let's start with others so they aren't drowned by Chibi Con hahaha.

Oh and I hope those who did go to the Cherry Blossom Festival at Branch Brook Part had a nice time!!

AnimeNext 2010 --> Quel has two passes if anyone is interested in purchasing. Both passes are 3 day passes and each pass is $37.50
If you would like the pass, please contact her! (email japanc@gmail.com is good too)



2. Restaurant Trip - Sorry in last week's minutes I said we would discuss about the Restaurant Trip but this discussion will happen next week after the Con.
But you may start the discussion at the forums. CLICK HERE to go to the thread.

3. TOMORRROW is the Bake Sale - April 21st @ Dickson
If you are interested in baking or just want to know what we have, check out the bake sale thread!

4. World's Fair is THIS THURSDAY(4/22). Please do not forget to check it out!
Also so far we only have Sandy, Jeremy, and Abdul helping out. We also have Sid as a maybe.
If you are interested to help out CLICK HERE! (to check out the forum, or email us back)
We are going to be serving Takoyaki.

Now let's get back to Chibi Con!

Chibi Con Related:

Today we covered several topics as well as scheduling for people to watch and maintain certain parts of the convention.

a. Chibi Con Official Schedule
b. Chibi Con Staffing Schedule <-- this is very important to check out.
The Staffing schedule is critical to look at if you are going to be helping out. If you would like any changes or anything related to your scheduled time please contact QUEL or CC (me). Please email to the japan club email: japanc@gmail.com

Even though we have the forum up for it, it is better for us to know directly for this case since scheduling is critical. Thank you!

2. Maid Cafe! We are meeting up this Friday at around 6:30pm @ Kevin's apartment to bake and make the food for Chibi Con! If you are helping out and can spare some time to help out, please come by! I will also be there trying to make some milk tea ;) oh yes!!
Also Jess suggests to take a look at some of these phrases you should practice. CLICK HERE

@ Chibi Con, all Maid Cafe helpers should meet at 5:30 in the Dining Room (where the Cafe will be held) so we can review the menu and such. YOU MUST ATTEND because it is important! Thank you!

3. We also went into further discussion about ZOMBIE RUN! I will try to post up what we talked about on the forums, and collaborate with Chris since he tried his best to get all of what we were talking about during the meeting down. (lol thanks chris :D )
(perhaps another email will be sent or just posted on the forum for any additional information about Zombie Run)

4. We are having a MANGA SWAP MEET. This will happen at the Artist Alley. I will be looking over these swaps.
You may bring in your manga (comics), anime/manga trinkets, DVDs (no burned copies) to trade.
Nothing illegal please because it is... illegal. LOL :p

5. Finally......we do have t-shirts for $5! CLICK HERE TO SEE!!
We only have a limited amount of certain sizes. I try to have the left over (non reserved) sizes available posted on the forums.
The only sizes we have many of (25) are the medium and large. But hurry because many people are reserving!

If you did reserve, I will have them at the Artist Alley since I have the list of people who wanted a t-shirt.
And also so I can cross you off the list. Thanks !

Thank you!
Any updated information about the convention will be sent in another email!

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PostSubject: Re: Minutes 4/20   Thu Apr 22, 2010 12:41 pm

Here are Kevin's minutes! ^^

5:47 - "Dan, shut up! It's so nice there's always a Dan to say that to." - Quel, to Dan Z.

5:51 - "Can you make me a cute little paper about the Takoyaki, ingredients and everything? Just so everyone knows they're eating octopus balls." - Quel, on Takoyaki. <_<

5:51 - 2 seconds later; "...Nobody say balls on Thursday. I'm a bad influence."

6:02 - "Yeah, that's a good idea, Nick!" - Nick, supporting his own ideas.

6:03 - Which are unfortunately rejected. As are quite a few ideas.

6:32 - "We're about to enter an actual discussioness." One small step for Japan Club...

6:32 - Suz tells me my face exploded. Apparently that was the end.

6:37 - Or apparently not, as I allegedly then said "Hurrrrrrrr I'm a rabbit!". I don't recall either of these things happening...

6:38 - CC's "Easter Kevin" comment comes back to haunt me! Yaaaaay!

6:35 - Manga Swap at Chibicon! NO ILLEGAL DRUGS. (Tylenol PM okay?)

7:49 - "How fast is a fast zombie?" "A fast zombie is as fast as House can hobble." - Jess
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Minutes 4/20
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