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 Minutes (4/13)

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PostSubject: Minutes (4/13)   Thu Apr 15, 2010 9:03 am

Here are the minutes from yesterday's meeting:

Hey everyone!
Today we had elections so next semester's new eboard members are:
President --> Kathy
VP --> CC
Treasurer --> Andrew
Secretary --> Suz
Program Coordinator --> Jess
Media Consultant --> Josh
Web Master --> Meghan

Congrats to the new eboard members! <3

Prepare for looooong minutes! But most of it is very important! Thank you for reading in advanced ;)


1. Scavenger Hunt is canceled and moved to next semester.

2. Next meeting, we will discuss about the Restaurant trip. We plan to have the trip on the 30th.
If you would like to start talking about it (any suggestions and such) please post HERE at the Japan Club Forums.

3. THIS SUNDAY (April 18th) we are planning to visit the Branch Brook Park Cherry Blossom Festival.
So far we have two cars and about 9 people going (this includes the drivers.)
If you would like to come, EMAIL us back @ japanc@gmail.com (just reply back to the minutes) or let QUEL know.
If you want to come and can offer rides, please email us so we know and how many people can fit in the car.

The meeting time is at the Red Hawk Diner @ 10am. We will leave at 10:30 sharp so if you are late, too bad. The festival starts at a certain time and it is not fair to those who are on time to wait so please do not arrive late.
Also bring lunch (bento!) or money if you plan to eat.

Click here if you would like to take a look at the schedule for the festival.
If you have any discussion for the Cherry Blossom Festival, I had made a thread at the forum. CLICK HERE

4. Bake Sale - April 21st (next wed) @ Dickson
Don't forget we will be having another bake sale next wednesday! Just a reminder.

5. World's Fair is next week (4/22). Please do not forget to check it out!
Also so far we only have Sandy, Jeremy, and Abdul helping out. We also have Sid as a maybe.
If you are interested to help out CLICK HERE! (to check out the forum, or email us back)
We are going to be serving Takoyaki.

Chibi Con Related

1. If you want / plan to help out at the Maid Cafe, Jess suggests to take a look at some of these phrases you should practice. CLICK HERE
We also want to discuss about posts on when you will be able to help out at the cafe cause we do need our maids and butlers.
Further discussions will be talked about at the next meeting, but you may start your discussion at the Maid Cafe thread made at the forum.
Please sign up to post in this forum. Guest are only allowed to look at the Chibi Con posts, but not actually post.

We are also planning to have a Maid Cafe meet up on Friday (the day before the con) to prepare the foods and also try out some recipes. We plan to meet at Kevin's apartment at 6:30pm. This will be announced again during the next meeting.

2. We will try to make schedule posts (people to help watch over certain things) for the Con in the next meeting for Artist Alley, Maid Cafe, Game Room, Zombie Run, and Performances, etc.
If you are interested in helping out (which is AWESOME) keep this in the back of your mind.

3. Also we will be selling t-shirts for Chibi Con (just letting everyone know keke) for $5. If you definitely want a shirt, I made a thread for it. These are definite, not "oh i dont want one anymore"

I think that it is!!
If there is anything else, I will send another email.

I know we use the forums a lot but it is very useful! So please do not forget to check out the Japan Club Forums at http://japanc.roflforum.net/

Thank you for reading!!
Pardon any mistakes I made lol. (but i am sure i didnt.. >:D )

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PostSubject: Re: Minutes (4/13)   Thu Apr 15, 2010 9:04 am

And Kevin's minutes!

5:40 - Meeting begins! In a different room than it fake-started in 5 minutes ago.
5:56 - Quel: "I can neither confirm nor...uhh...what's the other thing...?" Everyone: "DENY."
6:00 - Election time. Half the nominees drop out, leaving...everyone unopposed. <_<
6:01 - Quel warns us to be serious despite the lack of competition, and to not to follow BCC's example and elect a fire hydrant.
6:03 - I ask the question everyone is thinking, Quel hurts me for it: "Do you think you can do the job better than a fire hydrant?" "Well, I won't sit there and let dogs pee on me, if that's what you're asking". And in that one bold move, Kathy destroys the hydrant's credibility. It never recovered.
6:10 - "What member of Team Rocket do you most identify with?" "In the games, you know when you're outside the power plant? I'm that guy. The one with the belt."
6:15 - Quel: "Suz is reliable. We've all been happily surprised by her...wait, that didn't come out right..."
6:20 - Josh: "Don't make me mad. You know what happens." Suz: *cower*
6:25 - We prove our ineptitude! Another vote needs to be taken.
6:30 - Surprise! Everyone who ran won. The Fire Hydrant is fated to eternal shame.

7:00 - eboard meeting. I attend for...some reason.
7:10 - Chibicon talk. So we talk about video game consoles.
7:15 - Gelatin comes from pork bones? Controversy ensues.
7:16 - Jess, trying to get us back to Chibi Con: "Anyway, so, we just talked about video game consoles..."
7:17 - Aw crap. The Rat's food has hundreds of microsorganisms we don't want...
7:18 - Jess again: "So we just talked about video game consoles...
7:25 - ...Jess yet again: "So, we just talked about video game consoles..."
7:35 - Yay! We finally manage to get back on task!
8:30 - FIN

Sorry I didnt add them to the email~
I received these after I sent it but it was important I sent the minutes right away cause of the info in it.

Thank you again Kev!

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Minutes (4/13)
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