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 Minutes (3/30)

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PostSubject: Minutes (3/30)   Thu Apr 01, 2010 6:56 am

Current Events:
Nominations are next week. Next week is important!
Remember this Friday we have off!!!!! :D

Today we had a bake sale.
We sold: (just for fun)
waffles, chocolate & vanilla apple fritters, brownies, cupcakes, cookies, and Cassie contributed her dessert cups! <3


come tonight at 8pm in University Hall 1060
Anime Night is cancelled for tonight

Next Week's Anime Night:
Soul Eater

Future / Upcoming Events:

World's Fair - 4/22 @ 12pm - 2pm

We will be serving Takoyaki but JCDC will not be performing ; . ;
If you want to volunteer to help out at the table for the World's Fair please contact us or post at the forums!

Chibi Con - 4/24 !! Few weeks away.
What we have so far and more:
Maid Cafe, Game Room, Performances, Rave, Zombie Run, MCC's panel, WP's Mystery panel, an Okonomiyaki panel, and more!

Scavenger Hunt
- We are planning to have the trip on 5/4 (May 4th Tuesday) right after the meeting.
Restaurant Trip - will be after Chibi Con (more info tba)

For any additional information and current discussion about the events and such please check out the forums! (bookmark it! ;D )
It is active and I know who didn't sign up /hunts down! lol
Even if you do not want to sign up, please look at the forum at least once.


I think that is it for the minutes! (haha)
Thank you!
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Posts : 114
Join date : 2010-02-26
Location : Montclair State University

PostSubject: Re: Minutes (3/30)   Thu Apr 01, 2010 6:57 am

Kevin's Minutes! :)

5:30 - Meeting time! ...Except nothing happens.
5:40 - And nothing happens...
5:50 - And nothing happens...
5:53 - Evidently eating Pez takes effort.
5:58 - Soooo...Matt decides Gumbread is an interesting idea. I agree. Terrible, but interesting. So about that meeting we're supposed to be having...

6:06 - Abdul tornadoes through the announcement like he doesn't really care. Nor do we, apparently. Sad face.
6:08 - Quel: "Send me a text, or send Suz a text. Better Suz, since if you send me a text, Quel says '*look at it*' '*Tell Suz*'"
6:19 - "We can do it there, just put it on a high temperature so it cooks fast." "I like that logic. I can cook a turkey in twooooo hours!" "Turkey is not toast!" - Jess and Quel, on toast.
6:40 - Quiz show prizes! We deem the losing team have a bucket of pennies thrown at them.
6:41 - Correction, I'm pretty sure we never agreed to anything of the sort.
6:45 - "You know, how we use those word...grid...google...thingies..." "Excel?" "Yeah."
6:52 - CC has become Quel. Uh-oh.
6:52 - "My mouse is in the way. Crap it!"

Eventually: The meeting ends strangely early. Aw well, bake night ON. Leading to:

9:52 - YES! Hours after the meeting's end, Quel managed to squeeze in another new word invention of the week! Today's word is, "Infrastructing"!
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Minutes (3/30)
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