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 Minutes (3/23)

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PostSubject: Minutes (3/23)   Tue Mar 30, 2010 12:35 am

(no minutes on 3/16 because of spring break)

Sorry I sent the minutes last minute (lol) on Friday.
Well here are the minutes~

3/31 @ Dickson is the BAKE SALE
from 10am - 4pm

Joining the bake sale are peanut butter sandwiches.

More information on Zombie Run! (An event game for Chibi-Con)
We had discussed about coloured t-shirts for survivors to wear; zombies can wear their own.
Oooh and the Nerf Club (didn't know we had one!) had offered to help with the guns and can give a presentation on them. sa-weet!

Maid Cafe! Suzanne our lovely Program Coordinator is in charge of making the menu.

JCDC also showed us their new pom poms they wanted to buy and they are glow in the dark. WTF AWESOME!

The Worlds Fair is coming up! We need volunteers to help out please!


And here are Kevin's part of the minutes :)

Hey! Here's my part for the week's meeting:

5:46 - Abdul is bad at reading announcements. Quel briefly guides him onto the path of literacy.

5:48 - Abdul declares the Relay for life's wheelchair basketball event BYOW, bring your own wheelchair.

5:50 - Woah, woah, Dan Z hasn't seen an episode of Case Closed/Detective Conan. How does he avoid them? There are 600 of them! I ran into 4 of them on the street corner just yesterday.

5:52 - Outsiders come carrying news of a fundraiser to get money to buy nerf guns for the chibicon zombie game - A "make sale", ala a PB&J sale.
"Our company logo - Bread+Peanut Butter+Jelly+Bread= Happy Face."

6:00 - ...Evidently there's a USB toaster you plug into your Laptop. Uh...eh?

6:15 - Quel's new word: Seriouslyness. I love this one. Should I turn Quels'-word-of-the-week into a column or something?

6:17 - "We'll all have to get used to a world without Kevin." - I thank God every night I'll never have to face such a situation. You all have my severe empathy.

6:20 - COLOR WARS! Dana rejects a black Chibi-Con T-Shirt, causing Quel to counter by ordering her a pink one. "Pink is stupid," Suz interjects.

6:23 - Wait, one to two dollars for a shirt? Do I look I'm made of money? Leave me alone! *Still owes Quel money for Animenext badge*


6:37 - Apparently Japan Club is now more important than Christianity. Japan Club - The Other JC.

6:41 - "There are probably a few people who want to look a bit more dead than usual." - Quel, on make-up for our zombie game. I want to make a joke, about all of us looking dead normally, but I abstain in fear of the impending failure I was feeling while thinking one up.

7:08 - WE HAVE YARN!

7:13 - Is it wrong that taunting Suzanne over the course of an hour about a stuffed dragon being out of her reach is the most fun I've had in weeks? I can't help but laugh everytime I look at that angry face.

7:15 - An hour's worth of inexplicable laughing, grouchy faces, and dozens of texts suddenly spills into the open as we're overheard talking about a dragon. Abdul takes this opportunity to sing the Dragon Tails theme.

7:15 - WARNING: Singing the Dragon Tails theme will cause the club to explode into chaos. I...did not see that one coming.

7:18 - The end of the meeting is suddenly declared as I'm fiddling with my phone. Pokemon Pedometer Madness sets in, and I steal a pen from the ground vicariously through Dana.

7:20 - Did you know? A serial killer lives at The Estate in the Florence Gardens. If you call 201-666-0444, the owner of the pen comes and murders you.

7:45 - Bah! Dana, Dan Z and I get booted out of the room as the eboard begins talking about the quiz show. End meeting, for me at least.
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Minutes (3/23)
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