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 Minutes (3/9)

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PostSubject: Minutes (3/9)   Sat Mar 13, 2010 11:38 am

Hello everyone! :) Excited for spring break? <3

Thank you to those who have contributed to the Japan Club bake sale! We are truly grateful for your support! :)
And I hope you guys had fun at MUG's Video Game quiz show on Wednesday.

And that reminds me of our Anime / Manga Quiz show on March 31st. MUG will be co-sponsoring us this time!

During the meeting we had discussed about Chibi con!
We talked about the Maid Cafe, Zombie Run, and mentioned a cooking panel!

Aside from Chibi Con planning, we are also going to plan a Scavenger Hunt and a Restaurant Trip!
More information will be available later.
If you have any suggestions for a restaurant, please let us know at the JapanClub Forum!

And of course my lovely reminder to check out the Japan Club Forum at http://japanc.roflforum.net
Please sign up for full access to several threads!

Other news:

If you are still interested in going to Anime Next during the summer, please email Quel (you can email the japan email) about it!

And now fun minutes from Kevin! :)

5:36 - Meeting begins! And Quel is a rabbit.
5:37 - What IS with the rabbit ears? A round-table discussion proves unsuccessful, as Quel shuts us up.
5:38 - Suz won't let me Abdul for the day. Jerk. <_>
5:39 - Oh, he's here anyway. So much for my Vice Presidential aspirations.
5:42 - Speaking of Abdul, apparently he doesn't celebrate holidays.
5:43 - "Why would I know when Easter is? I'm Jewish." Haven't we enough damn rabbits already!?
5:45 - Josh is turning 14 this Thursday! Party at my place!
5:48 - Abdul picks and chooses which announcements to read. "These are out of date."
"Really? When was 'every Monday'?"
5:50 - Cc: "...Tonight's Tuesday?" Quel: "Yes. That's why we're here." Huh, usually it takes a couple hours before everyone forgets what day it is and what their name is.
5:54: - ...Crap. Now I'm the rabbit. <_> Everyone takes a solid 2 minutes out of their lives to laugh and take pictures.
5:56 - Good news, everyone! The questions to our quiz show have been tested. According to Josh, the subject is indeed still alive.
5:58 - Quel's Word Inventions of the Day: Re-research, Versitality (...Finish him?)
6:03: - Josh: "Eh. We can talk about it." Quel: "That's why we're here." Josh: "...Damnit! I forgot about that..."
6:15 - Jess, about prizes: "Think of it the Ellen way! Nobody goes home alone - I mean without anything."
6:29 - Julia: "No guys in the girl's bathroom." Abdul: "Damnit!"
6:30 - Quel: "And no drooling on anybody, of course." Abdul: "Damnit!"
6:33 - Quel: "I'm not repeating past mistakes. I'm making new ones!" That's our leader!
7:30 - Wow. We're still here. Some of us. Many didn't make it.
7:32 - We're talking about zombies, now. Lots and lots of zombism...
7:35 - "The chance of such a big thing going into such a small hole..." CC, on getting shot in the eye with a nerf gun. The best of a series of great comments that would result in CC burying her hand in the desk for a solid 3 minutes.
7:36 - "Because nothing says love like APOCALYPSE." -Jess
7:55 - Fever gone but itchy. Today hungry and eat doggie food.
8:00 - Itchy itchy Scott came ugly face so killed him. Tasty.
8:15 - Itchy. Tasty.

Thanks Kevin lol.

Sorry the minutes are late (again)!
This weekend I am working over at Mitsuwa selling Mochi!
It's REALLY GOOD and omg you don't want to miss it.
They are also promoting Itoen products, specifically tea! It's really nice since they have an area where you can sit down and relax while drinking on FREE tea! :D (it's a sample, but it's enough tea to relax you ;) )
Buy some mochi and drink tea! (fantabulous!!) I wish I can do that, but alas I am working x(

Stop by for some one of a kind Mochi (straight from Hokkaido!!) and tea!
(and to see me too keke)

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL spring break. I know there are some of you with meanie professors that assigned a lot of work to do during your break, but you can do it! (like me! ;D )

See you in two weeks! (unless you come to visit me at Mitsuwa /HINTHINT)
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Minutes (3/9)
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