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 11/23 Minutes

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PostSubject: 11/23 Minutes   Wed Nov 24, 2010 7:51 am

Meeting begins: 5:42
Meeting ends: 6:46

Very small meeting today since it’s before Thanksgiving break.

Restaurant Trip (and restaurant options)
-Friday, 12/10, week before finals.
-Time should be between 6-8
-Either Bamboo on Valley Road (Pan-Asian food), Daikichi (also on Valley Road), or Nori (on Bloomfield Avenue)
-We’ll discuss transportation options next week.

Japanatainment Night
-Every Wednesday next semester, no more conflict with Gamers tournaments

Kabuki Theater
-12/3 at 6:30 in the Rathskeller
-10 Days til the event! We need 3 rehearsals on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
-Actors are meeting up with Mike after the club meeting.
-Mike will email actors the script tonight.
-Staging process and wardrobe being discussed by Eboard tonight.

Tea Ceremony
-Demonstration for next semester by the Japan Society in New York City.
-Wednesdays, people pitch in for cost of refreshments and audience gets to participate in tea ceremony.
-Group of 20 needed to get in.

Mochi Pounding
-New year’s event/Welcome back party
-Sometime in January
-Everyone could pound their own mochi.
-Possibly with CSA.

Riceball day
-Possibly together with Mochi Pounding

Calpico Day
-Sometime in February
-Making desserts and stuff out of Calpico.

World’s Fair
-Thursday, April 28th
-Possibly using leftover Chibi-con supplies

Mini Host Club
-Potential White Day event.
-Practice for the Host Club in Fall 2011

Bake Sales
-Potentially in University Hall?
-Potentially at 11AM instead of 12PM
-Some members have volunteered bake space for bake nights

Children’s Day
- 2/18 or 2/25
-Mini field trip for kids with crafts, a skit, and puppet show.

Anime Quiz Show
-Game show cosponsored with Gamers
-Possibly in March
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11/23 Minutes
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